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Florida Life: Nature's Perfect Getaway

by River City Realty 01/19/2020

 Photo by skeeze via Pixabay

When you think of Florida, you may think of theme parks and plenty of shopping, but Florida has more connections to nature than you may realize. One of the greatest benefits of living in Florida is the incredible connections you can make to nature, whether it is by the beach, along one of the many tributaries of the intra-coastal water way, or even in the wetlands of central Florida. It isn’t just during hurricane season that Florida residents feel very acquainted with nature.

Northeast Florida is a premier example of the vast variety of natural experiences that you can have as a Florida resident. The St. Johns River is the largest river in the state. Flowing north into the tributaries that define the border between Georgia and Florida, the river provides not only the opportunity for beautiful real estate, exceptional parks and dining opportunities along the riverbank, but plenty of opportunities for water-centric experiences, such as glass bottom boat tours to stand up paddle boarding classes, and kayaking.

Take a drive west just a few short miles and you’ll come to the Jennings State Forest, which has pristine trails and plenty of space to really help you get away from it all. The western part of Jacksonville is scattered with natural parks that offers opportunities for camping, hiking, and even camps for kids. With a large equestrian community in the area as well, there are plenty of trails for horseback riding as well as biking.

Among the reasons someone may decide to make Florida their home, the easy access to waterfronts, including the beautiful beaches, not to mention the temperate climate, usually make it to the top of many people’s personal lists. While Florida has many exciting things to boast, from world-class rated amusement parks to premier shopping, at the end of the day one of the most unique features about the state of Florida is the incredibly close relationship with nature that all Florida residents have. The natural landscapes of Florida communities provide for an enriching experience that is natural, pristine, relaxing, and it truly one of a kind.